Sharif Abraham Architects

Northcote House

Located near ‘All Nations Park’ on a corner block with a busy road at the narrow front and a cul-de-sac at the longer front, the house flips the the conventional “living areas opening onto a backyard” model by locating the living areas on the first floor in a “bridge” structure suspended above the garden.
The interior is planned with a bathroom at the south end to provide a buffer from the busy road. The lower rooms, containing the sleeping quarters and a garage/studio, connects directly to the garden whilst the upper level opens onto an elevated terrace – accessed via an eternal stair from the lower garden – allowing views of the park and the surrounding area.
With its singularity of material and labyrinth of spaces the building is a small castle in Northcote, allowing multiplicity of use and varied family structures to be accommodated.

Northcote House, 2019 Details